200 Professional Prompts September 2023: Charting a Mid-Journey of Unique Creative Exploration

Here are some 200 professional prompts for midjourney September 2023

Midjourney Prompts List

  1. Art by Anne Stokes and Mandy Disher. “Hyper realistic glowing colorful glass crescent moon smoking with cosmic energy and a wolf.” Luminism, ultra highly detailed, 32k resolution. Fantastic Realism with a complex background, dynamic lighting, and digital painting. Intricate pose, magical light, stars, mystic nightsky. Broken Glass effect, no background, stunning and mythical. Energy, molecular textures, iridescent and luminescent scales. Breathtaking beauty, pure perfection, divine presence, unforgettable, impressive. Volumetric light, auras, rays, vivid color reflects.
  2. Generate an image that captures the visual qualities of a charcoal or pencil sketch, showcasing the contrast and texture of these traditional artistic mediums.

  3. A charming slice-of-life anime scene capturing everyday activities and interactions.
  4. An underwater fashion editorial with ultra-violent art deco style. Features a model in a red long dress, futuristic concept, and Kodak film aesthetics. Big art deco sunglasses and a crab complement the scene.
  5. My mind is oscillating between reality’s extremes, depicted in shades of grey. The image is of high quality and meticulously detailed.
  6. A bedroom scene melting into the ocean, captured in 4k resolution.
  7. A fox with magic ears, captured using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III table. Cartoon-style rendering against a white page background.
  1. A giant God of thunder with blue light eyes, holding a hammer of light. Positioned above the ocean amidst a dark thunderstorm with lightning sparks. Strong winds push trees to the right side.
  2. A dancing mouse wearing headphones in a park.
  3. A giant figure wearing roller skates with flowing hair.
  4. An owl wearing an astronaut suit, hovering over the moon.
  5. A chibi celestial beat shaper under a black hood, with eldritch tentacles in a celestial realm on space. Cinematic background with hyper detail and quality. Accurate animal anatomy, enchanting colors, and dynamic lighting.
  6. Depiction of Mariano Rajoy with cyberpunk implants. Deep focus fantasy art, intricate and elegant. Highly detailed digital painting in the style of D&D. Art by Artgerm, Greg Rutkowski, and Alphonse Mucha.
  7. A single 3D wolf emoji against a magical background with a mystic nightsky. Ultra highly detailed, featuring triadic colors in a cinematic 32k resolution. Luminism with detailed oil painting by Dorian Vallejo, Damian Lechoszest, and Todd Lockwood. Also reminiscent of a fairytale storybook illustration with nightmare ethereal transparent coffee ghost creature. Large glowing eyes, cute face, stars, and dandelions. Highly detailed luminous unusual delicate color drops, an extremely big moon, moonlight, stars, and clouds. The image features an intricate pose with oil painting’s thick strokes, creating a masterpiece. The sky is reminiscent of Van Gogh’s starry night. The image is centered with a perfect composition. It combines fantasy and dreamy aesthetics, by Tim Burton, sleek, modern, minimalist, and graphic in a line art style. The Broken Glass effect adds stunning mythical energy with molecular textures and iridescent luminescent scales. Breathtaking beauty, pure perfection, divine presence, and unforgettable impressions are captured through volumetric light, auras, rays, and vivid color reflects.

Sure, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A glow in the dark rainbow Donkey with a smile in the water.
  2. Ariana Grande as a celestial lightning golden serenity space Holy phoenix in night light space. Epic cinematic background with hyper detail and quality. Accurate animal anatomy, enchanting colors, and dynamic lighting.
  3. Vibrant, surreal, and trippy, this alien world mesmerizes with its kaleidoscopic landscapes and fantastical elements that defy imagination.
  4. A cute panda in a space suit, floating in space. Hyper-realistic, surreal, beautiful, timeless, with a happy vibe.
  5. A pretty half-fox half-human woman with big eyes and a fox tail. She gazes toward us, with the solar system planets forming a circle in the background. The scene is epic, sparkly, and cinematic in a hyper-quality fashion. Accurate girl anatomy and dynamic lights.

20. Angry Zeus depicted with lightning, in a sketch with a cyberpunk twist and glowing armor.

  1. Horses running in water, captured with a color splash and drips, creating an artistic effect.
  2. An ultra-highly detailed image with triadic colors, cinematic quality, and luminism. It features a detailed oil painting by Dorian Vallejo, Damian Lechoszest, and Todd Lockwood. The image is reminiscent of a storybook illustration with a nightmare cute vivid scarecrow pumpkinhead monster in a rye field. Extremely big glowing eyes, a big hat, and a windy atmosphere are captured. The image includes highly detailed luminous unusual delicate water drops, a farmhouse, and a moonlit Halloween night with stars. The sky is detailed with clouds, and the image features an intricate pose, thick oil painting strokes, and a Van Gogh-style starry sky. The composition is centered with a perfect Watercolor trend on ArtStation, sharp focus, and studio photo details, by Greg Rutkowski.
  3. The concept of light art is captured with a glowing bioluminescent and iridescent fur Grizzly Bear. Presented in widescreen cinematic style by WLOP, Mary Jane Ansel, and Noah Bradley. The landscape poster features hyper-vibrant colors and hyperrealism, emphasizing the stunning effects of light.
  4. A hyper-realistic highland cow looking forward, with a rainbow mist in the background against a dark backdrop.
  5. A cyber-alien-avatar in the style of Stitch, Gargoyle, Panther, and Gremlin. The creature has blue hair, black breeches, feline eyes, an ape-like body, tiger features, bat wings, and wolf traits. The portrayal is both cute and mysterious, capturing a fantasy essence.
  6. An artwork titled “Astral Rayonism Filter” by Satori Canton depicting Teddy Bear Land. It’s a playful and cute world resembling an amusement park combined with a child’s dream. The style combines space art and Rayonism, portraying the vast cosmos, astronomical objects, and celestial phenomena. The use of intersecting rays creates vibrant, dynamic, and non-representational works emphasizing energy and movement. Elements of fantasy and science fiction are incorporated for an otherworldly atmosphere. The depth, attention to details, and grand scale contribute to a sense of awe. Art by Natalia Goncharova and Hubble Space Telescope.
  7. A caricatured face creature portraying Piglet, rendered in a soft, thin pencil style with saturated colors. The art captures the creature’s funny and endearing nature, characterized by short focus, vanishing points, and vignetting.
  8. Another instance of “Astral Rayonism Filter” by Satori Canton, depicting Teddy Bear Land in a playful and adorable way. This scene features space art combined with Rayonism, depicting the vast cosmos, celestial objects, and astronomical phenomena. The use of intersecting rays creates dynamic and energetic visuals, capturing the beauty of the universe. Fantasy and science fiction elements contribute to an immersive atmosphere. The profound depth, attention to detail, and grand scale evoke a sense of wonder. Art by Natalia Goncharova and the Hubble Space Telescope.
  9. A spiritual and detailed landscape in nature during sunset, captured in fine art style with highly detailed and smooth elements. The illustration is ultra-realistic, capturing a scene bathed in light.
  10. An artistic portrayal of a Galleon with solar sails flying through space, presenting an astral plane and reality warp.
  11. A black cat depicted in a colorful nebula with numerous stars.
  1. A bear wearing biker gear, designed as an animal mascot for a sports team logo. The art features a Disney and Pixar-inspired look, rendered in 3D with fantasy elements. It’s characterized by softness, vibrancy, neon lighting, and geometric shadows.
  2. Another depiction of a Galleon with solar sails flying through space, with an astral plane and reality warp concept.
  3. “Anime Princess” by Satori Canton features a stunningly beautiful model with hyper-detailed eyes and face. The princess has purple hair, BIG eyes, and intricately ornate details. The illustration is colorful, cinematic, and ultra highly detailed, capturing beautiful and vivid elements. The background is complex and filigree detailed, reminiscent of styles like Makoto Shinkai and Studio Ghibli.
  4. A Baroque Rococo scene captured in sunset luminism, featuring a highly detailed oil painting in the style of Salvador Dalí and Nicoletta Ceccoli. The artwork is similar to the style of Ray Caesar, showcasing a spectacular view with celestial lighting, mystical pose, and vibrant colors.
  5. An art piece titled “A Glass Globe with Buddhist Values” depicting a majestic scene with a tall mountain, geometric clouds, shimmering glass streams, waterfalls, and a background of purple sunrises. The RAW photo is transformed using Unreal Engine and Octane Rendering, resulting in an ultra-high quality, surreal, and harmonious composition. The image emphasizes the ethereal beauty of the scene while maintaining clarity and precision.
  6. A depiction of a black neon dog Cocapoo, featuring HDR and RTX technology, as well as retro neon aesthetics. The image incorporates the Broken Glass effect, portraying a stunning and mythical being with energy, molecular textures, and iridescent luminescent scales.
  7. A painting that merges Renaissance and Futurist styles, portraying an angel surrounded by geometric shapes and bright colors. The background contains various small details, resulting in a masterpiece with professional photo quality. The image captures intricate details in a digital painting style.
  8. An image of Noah’s Ark against a rainbow background, featuring storm, lightnings, detailed clouds, stars, and color waves. The depiction captures the essence of night with celestial lighting, sparks, and big reflective eyes. The scene is cinematic, close portrait, fairytale-like, and silver glowing.
  9. An illustration presenting a fantasy Galaxy WhiteTiger Girl with Coffee, glow, stars, and a colorful touch. The image features beautiful details and realistic style, focusing on intricate details and hyper-detailed elements. The lighting is soft and cinematic, emphasizing exposure blend, HDR, and a front view. The artwork is influenced by various artists and styles, creating a harmonious and detailed environment.
  10. A wildlife portrait of a tie-dyed fox, captured in a head and shoulders composition. The image is ultra-HD and low-poly, presented in a flat vector style with smooth curves and hard edges. The depiction is inspired by artists

Of course, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A Barbie doll with a happy smile is wearing golden armor. She has a delicate face and a tall figure. She is riding a white unicorn with wings. There are layers of dazzling light around her, and the background is a rainbow-colored sky. The scene is panoramic.
  2. Neon cyberpunk teddy bear engulfed in flames, with realistic clothes and ultra-detail. The design features intricate patterns and an intricate design, captured with a Canon 5D camera using volumetric lighting and HDR. The image has sharp focus against a white background.
  3. A neon-colored realistic animal portrait of a sultan.
  4. Chef monkey, a funny caricatured creature, is depicted in a soft, thin pencil style with saturated colors. The image is fractured with short focus, vanishing points, vignetting, and high detail, resulting in a hyper-realistic depiction.
  5. A cat is portrayed riding a skateboard in the city, reminiscent of an anime scene.
  6. Luminescent neon art features a cute, adorable baby phoenix crafted from crystal with low-poly eyes. The concept art is highly detailed and intricately designed, trending on ArtStation with an 8K resolution.
  7. A kitten merged with Harry Potter, featuring the iconic scar on the forehead, round glasses, and holding a wand.
  8. An illustration bursting with vibrancy and dynamics showcases a burger being grilled to perfection. The scene includes flames, smoke, and sizzling sounds, capturing the excitement of National Hamburger Day.
  9. A digital illustration presents a rainbow eagle design, characterized by neon realism and chiaroscuro woodcut influences. The image is accurate, detailed, and captures shadowy intensity. The character illustration is shot in a dramatic and colorful lighting setting, reminiscent of the styles of Banksy and Masamune Shirow.
  10. An outer space depiction shaped like a donut features galaxies, stars, and exploration themes. The image is highly detailed and is captured in a cinematic shot, taken by a Sony camera. The photograph showcases incredible detail and realism, with professional photography lighting and enhancement using Lightroom.
  11. An alien landscape comes to life with a beautiful silver-purple field in wide-angle view. The scene includes an old wooden fence in the foreground, blue mountains, pine trees in the far back, and a deserted old school bus on a hillside. The image features a silver daylight atmosphere, otherworldly purple sky, and a distant moon. The portrayal is stylized and highly detailed, resembling a high-detail oil painting by artists Loisvb and Rossdraws.
  12. A detailed portrait of an elven male is depicted with herbal green hair, green eyes, and skin, clad in rugged clothing and holding a blunt object. The image is inspired by artists Justin Gerard and Greg Rutkowski, showcasing digital art with realistic painting qualities. The character design is influenced by genres like Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) and Warcraft, and it’s trending on ArtStation.
  13. A slim, muscular white tiger humanoid is portrayed with dual ice blades, donning dark blue jeans and shoes. The character possesses ice powers and is depicted as a teenager.
  14. The universe takes on the form of a girl in bright colors, exuding tenderness and surrounded by stars. The image features full-grown flowers and the girl standing on a planet.
  15. A portrayal of a cute and adorable cartoon fluffy rhea, facing the camera. The scene is characterized by fantasy, dreamlike qualities, and surrealism. The artwork is trending on ArtStation.
  16. Portraits of Mark Zuckerberg are depicted with a realistic approach, captured in 4K resolution with a 9:16 aspect ratio. The subject looks straight ahead, maintaining a full view.
  17. An isometric ribosome is rendered in 3D art with high detail. The concept art features smooth textures, sharp focus, and ethereal lighting effects. The depiction is showcased on platforms like ArtStation and Behance, and it incorporates ray tracing.
  18. The beautiful white dove of the Holy Spirit is portrayed with its wings spread, descending from a bright light. The depiction captures volumetric lighting, glowing rays of light, and an ethereal atmosphere. The image is presented in 8K resolution and follows the golden ratio, exhibiting a luminous and 3D photorealistic quality with intricate details.
  19. A spaceman in space is portrayed in close-up, resembling a naive art style.

Certainly, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A realistic cute adorable baby owl made of crystal ball with low poly eye’s surrounded by glowing aura highly detailed intricated concept art with vivid beautiful colors trending ArtStation 8k.
  2. Pippin the adventurous cat lived a quiet life in a cozy little cottage. One day…
  3. A digital painting of a rabbit holding a glowing ball, cyberpunk art, inspired by Tomasz Alen Kopera. The artwork features fantasy elements like a skeleton warrior and textured detailed skeletons. It’s in a style reminiscent of “The Demon Seated” by Beeple and shaman witch art. This is official fan art available on Behance in HD resolution, and it’s a detailed painting in 4k resolution. The image is also influenced by the concept of the ghost of Anubis and portrays a wholesome techno-shaman lady in a fantasy illustration.
  4. Wall texture inspired by Ghibli’s visual style, with designs and colors evoking iconic films like “The Wind Rises” or “Princess Mononoke.” Highly detailed, it features various color areas and patterns for use in 3D renderings or graphic designs.
  5. Batman sitting on a roof looking down at a city below, portrayed in an extremely detailed manner.
  6. A very exotic crossword, depicted with intricate elegance in a highly detailed digital painting style. This artwork is available on platforms like ArtStation and features the artistic touch of artgerm, Greg Rutkowski, and Alphonse Mucha.
  7. Draw a phoenix with vibrant, glowing feathers, rising from the ashes of its former self. The bird should look powerful and majestic, as if it has just undergone a transformative rebirth. In the background, depict a fiery inferno, a symbol of the destruction that precedes the phoenix’s resurrection. As you draw, imagine the phoenix’s energy and spirit radiating outward, inspiring hope and renewal.
  8. A dark purple head bunny in a space suit, presented in a surrealistic retro space setting. The portrayal includes full-body details, volumetric light, cinematic lightning, CGI rendering, and it’s trending on ArtStation. The image is ultra-detailed and intricate, with an aspect ratio of 2:3.
  9. Space magical whale depicted in an epic fantasy style, characterized by a galaxy theme. The artwork is reminiscent of Greg Rutkowski’s style and features a Hearthstone-style art approach. It’s 99% artistic and carries a sense of awe and wonder.
  10. Male character portrayed in blue neon lighting, with mascara and a cartoonish aesthetic.
  11. Tarot Card style illustration featuring a detailed white deer in close-up, set against a night sky adorned with stars. The image exudes watercolor aesthetics and illustrations associated with astrology. The portrayal draws inspiration from various artists like Jean-Baptiste Monge, Wlop, Artgerm, James Jean, Pascal Blanche Rutkowski, and more. It’s a stunning piece of hyperrealism painting with an 8k resolution and an “emitting diodes” feel, beautifully presented in digital art.
  12. Portrait of Nikola Tesla covered in energy sparkles, with both hands in a background featuring a threatening thunderstorm. The image is crafted with high detail, digital painting techniques, atmospheric lighting, and is rendered using tools like Octane Render and Unreal Engine. The portrayal captures the essence of Tesla’s brilliance and the electric energy that defined his work.
  13. An anime girl with deep purple eyes and black hair in a ponytail, adorned in futuristic clothing that includes a long fur jacket with metallic shoulder pads. The character design exudes a blend of modern and cyberpunk aesthetics.
  14. Design a concept that seamlessly combines elements of Cubism and Surrealism, resulting in a single image that is visually captivating and thought-provoking.
  15. Create a photo that captures the vintage charm of film photography, reminiscent of the analog era and its distinct visual characteristics.
  16. Generate an image that replicates the unique appearance of a watercolor painting, with its fluid brushstrokes and gentle color transitions.
  17. Design a concept that fuses the vibrant and iconic style of Pop Art with the dynamic and candid nature of Street Photography.
  18. Generate an image inspired by the Abstract Expressionism movement, focusing on conveying raw emotions through bold and free-flowing forms.
  19. Create a photo with a color palette inspired by the Fauvism movement, characterized by its vibrant and saturated colors that evoke intense emotions.
  20. A deer goddess in the woods, close-up portrait, glowing yellow eyes, sunset, celestial aura. All-seeing, warm atmosphere. Created by Ross Tran with vibrant colors and detailed mastery. Dynamic lighting, intricate detail, summer vibrancy. Cinematic ultra HD realism with vivid colors and UHD drawing. Pen and ink, perfect composition. Trending on ArtStation, 8k artistic photography. Photorealistic concept art with soft natural volumetric cinematic lighting.

Certainly, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1.  Create a photo with a long exposure technique, capturing motion and creating ethereal effects.
  2. Design a concept that combines elements of Street Art and Documentary Photography.
  3. Generate an image inspired by the Bauhaus movement, showcasing geometric shapes and clean lines.
  4. Create an image inspired by Impressionism, capturing the essence of light and color.
  5. A pop art illustration of a bottle of ketchup made of rubies and gold.
  6. A picturesque European village on a sunny day, with cobblestone streets, charming cafes, and colorful houses.
  7. A family road trip through scenic mountain landscapes, stopping at overlooks to capture stunning photographs.
  8. A lively street festival in a bustling city, with music, dancing, and vibrant cultural displays.
  9. A serene yoga retreat in a tropical paradise featuring outdoor sessions surrounded by lush greenery.
  10. A luxurious first-class airline experience, complete with spacious seating, gourmet meals, and personal entertainment systems.
  11. A cozy cabin nestled in the mountains with a warm fireplace and stunning views.
  12. A couple enjoying a romantic sunset beach walk, hand in hand.
  13. A vibrant street scene in a bustling city, showcasing the energy and diversity of urban life.
  14. A group of friends laughing and sharing a meal at an outdoor cafe in a charming European town.
  15. A serene yoga session on a picturesque beach, with the waves crashing in the background.
  16. A travel backpack filled with essentials, ready for an adventure in an exotic destination.
  17. A stunning aerial view of a tropical island with turquoise waters and palm-fringed beaches.
  18. A panoramic shot of a scenic hiking trail surrounded by lush greenery and towering mountains.
  19. A solo traveler standing on a cliff edge, overlooking a vast and breathtaking landscape.
  20. A cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair, soft blanket, and shelves filled with books.

Certainly, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A breathtaking aerial view of pristine coral reefs reveals the vibrant colors and diverse marine life beneath the surface.
  2. A lush rainforest teeming with diverse wildlife, capturing the beauty and complexity of an untouched ecosystem.
  3. A majestic mountain landscape with a clear, starry sky offering a sense of awe and wonder to onlookers.
  4. A serene and tranquil Japanese garden carefully designed to evoke harmony and balance with nature.
  5. A dramatic image of a powerful waterfall in a lush setting showcasing the raw beauty and force of the natural world.
  6. Mountain fuji.
  7. A breathtaking aerial view of a winding river snaking through a verdant valley.
  8. An untouched, pristine beach with turquoise waters and powdery white sand.
  9. A panoramic shot of a snow-capped mountain range reflecting in a calm alpine lake.
  10. A dramatic lightning storm illuminating a dark, stormy sky over a rugged coastline.
  11. A close-up of a colorful coral reef teeming with diverse marine life.
  12. A vast desert landscape with rolling sand dunes and a solitary oasis in the distance.
  13. A breathtaking aerial view of pristine coral reefs reveals the vibrant colors and diverse marine life beneath the surface.
  14. A lush rainforest teeming with diverse wildlife, capturing the beauty and complexity of an untouched ecosystem.
  15. A majestic mountain landscape with a clear, starry sky offering a sense of awe and wonder to onlookers.
  16. A serene and tranquil Japanese garden carefully designed to evoke harmony and balance with nature.
  17. A dramatic image of a powerful waterfall in a lush setting showcasing the raw beauty and force of the natural world.
  18. Mountain fuji.
  19. A breathtaking aerial view of a winding river snaking through a verdant valley.
  20. An untouched, pristine beach with turquoise waters and powdery white sand.
  21. A panoramic shot of a snow-capped mountain range reflecting in a calm alpine lake.
  22. A dramatic lightning storm illuminating a dark, stormy sky over a rugged coastline.
  23. A close-up of a colorful coral reef teeming with diverse marine life.
  24. A vast desert landscape with rolling sand dunes and a solitary oasis in the distance.
  25. A glamorous runway show with diverse models showcasing the latest trends and innovative designs from top fashion houses.
  26. A creative makeup artist working on a unique look, skillfully applying colors and textures to highlight the model’s features.
  27. A trendy street-style photoshoot in a vibrant urban setting, capturing fashionable individuals expressing their personal style.
  28. An elegant display of luxury accessories and jewelry, expertly crafted with intricate details and precious materials.
  29. A stylish couple dressed in chic, sustainable fashion, promoting eco-friendly choices without sacrificing style.
  30. Retro fashion.

Sure, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A stunning interpretation of Nike shoe sneaker, advertisement, highly detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, ornate, luxury, cinematic, CGSociety, James Jean, Brian Froud, Ross Tran –ar 4:5 –q 2.
  2. A runway model in an elegant evening gown, gracefully walking down the catwalk.
  3. A close-up of a vibrant and artistic makeup look, highlighting intricate details and bold colors.
  4. A stylish urban street scene featuring fashion-forward individuals with unique and trendy outfits.
  5. A glamorous fashion editorial shot, capturing a model in a high-fashion ensemble against a luxurious backdrop.
  6. A collection of colorful and stylish accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, and statement jewelry.
  7. Macrophotography asteroid field, photo realistic, hundreds of asteroids, underwater.
  8. Tiny cute and adorable astronaut bunny, anthropomorphic, model pose, dramatic lighting, cinematic, photography, in the style of Vray, realistic portrayal, Tanbi Kei, action-packed cartoons, Flickr, close up, photorealistic pastiche.
  9. Massive flying saucer overhead, reflective chrome saucer, FULL length wide angle view, cosmic tree, show exposed root system extending below, tree trunk is composed entirely of outer space, world tree, composed entirely of outer space, stars and nebula, reflected on a silver orb, floating in orbit, majestic, powerful blue, golden ratio, athletic build, stars for leaves, body covered entirely with stars.
  10. In a futuristic atompunk city with vehicles and a monorail, highly detailed, 8k, HDR, award-winning, Octane Render, ArtStation, volumetric lighting.
  11. A highly detailed 5D portrait of an alien with serpent skin inside a holographic glass, mirror effect, Octane Render, Unreal Engine, digital art, surrealism, DeviantArt, HQ, 8k.
  12. An alien landscape with bioluminescent flora and fauna, creating an otherworldly glow.
  13. A high-tech laboratory with scientists conducting experiments on cutting-edge technology.
  14. A sleek and streamlined spaceship soaring through a wormhole towards uncharted galaxies.
  15. A robotic army marching in formation, ready for a futuristic battle.
  16. A virtual reality world with neon-colored environments and avatars engaging in virtual activities.
  17. A time-traveling adventure featuring a person stepping through a portal into a different era.
  18. Wildlife photography of a fierce tiger in the forest.
  19. Wildlife photography of a cute bunny in the wood.
  20. Underwater photography of a blue jellyfish.

Sure, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

  1. A majestic lioness resting under the shade of an acacia tree in the African savannah.
  2. A close-up of a vibrant tropical bird with colorful plumage perched on a branch.
  3. A group of playful dolphins leaping out of the water, creating splashes and waves.
  4. A mother polar bear with her cubs traversing a snowy landscape in the Arctic.
  5. A herd of elephants gathered around a watering hole, bathing and socializing.
  6. A stealthy cheetah sprinting across the grasslands, capturing the thrill of the chase.
  7. A graceful underwater shot of a sea turtle swimming amidst coral reefs and tropical fish.
  8. A powerful shot of a bald eagle soaring through the sky, showcasing its majestic flight.
  9. A family of gorillas in a lush rainforest, depicting their natural behavior and interaction.
  10. A curious fox peeking out from behind a fallen log in a serene woodland setting.
  11. Create an Architecture layout design of a large ornate mansion that combines futuristic modern and gothic styles of design, including large vaulted windows, columns, and spires, Ultra detailed, cinematic lighting, Octane Render, UltraHD.
  12. The most futuristic skyscraper ever imagined in Dubai, high-quality photos realistic high point of view to see the whole skyscraper.
  13. A virtual banking tower like in Dubai set size 1920×1080.
  14. Wasl Tower developed by Frank Gehry with futuristic vision with Balconies on each floor, Inside a glass-fronted skyscraper, no podium, brass touches, ArchDaily, royalty feeling, tall and thin building, eye-level view, super tall skyscraper.
  15. Phnom Penh Royal Palace, Cambodian inspired background border, white background, no background.
  16. A palace of the gods in the style of Tron.
  17. Futuristic architecture.
  18. Most beautiful and opulent luxury modern palace mansion in luxury metallic bronze colors with water bursting fountains and waterfalls, high resolution, very clean and elegant, cinematic, 8k.
  19. Beautiful and opulent mansion located in Russia, a modern mansion, with water bursting fountain shaped like a guitar, with a water falling helicopter pad, 8k, high resolution, very clean and elegant, cinematic, 8k.
  20. Ancient Egypt Pyramid, massive Egyptian God of the sun Ra, sun God Ra, detailed Unreal Engine 5, Cinematic textures and lighting.
  21. Poster of warrior goddess, standing alone on a hill, centered, detailed gorgeous face, anime style, key visual, intricate detail, highly detailed, breathtaking, vibrant, panoramic, cinematic, Carne Griffiths, Conrad Roset, Makoto Shinkai.
  22. A group of colorful and expressive anime characters in dynamic action poses.
  23. A beautiful and fantastical anime landscape with floating islands and vibrant flora.


  1. A close-up of a mesmerizing anime character with striking, vividly colored eyes.
  2. A futuristic cityscape inspired by anime, featuring towering skyscrapers and neon lights.
  3. A group of anime school friends gathered around a cherry blossom tree, enjoying a picnic.
  4. A magical girl transforming scene with sparkling lights and magical effects.
  5. A thrilling anime battle scene with characters wielding unique weapons and unleashing powerful attacks.
  6. A serene anime character practicing martial arts in a tranquil garden.
  7. Depicting a Swedish warrior god, handsome and powerful, standing in front of the sun.

Certainly, here are the provided prompts with a gap between each sentence:

200 propmtes
  1. A breathtaking anime fantasy world filled with mythical creatures and enchanting landscapes.
  2. A futuristic cityscape with advanced technologies and sustainable infrastructure.
  3. A group of diverse individuals engaged in virtual reality gaming and immersive experiences.
  4. A collage of viral internet memes and social media trends.
  5. A montage of people participating in popular fitness and wellness activities.
  6. A smartphone with trending apps and social media platforms displayed on the screen.
  7. A series of images representing the latest fashion and style trends.
  8. A gallery of mouth-watering food creations and trendy culinary innovations.
  9. A collection of artwork inspired by current pop culture icons and phenomena.
  10. A visual representation of the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations.
  11. A dynamic collage of influencers and content creators across various online platforms.
  12. A photo of 8k ultra realistic archangel with 6 wings, full body, intricate purple and blue neon armor, ornate, cinematic lighting, trending on ArtStation, 4k, hyperrealistic, focused, high details, Unreal Engine 5, cinematic.
  13. A stunning photorealistic landscape painting with intricate details and lifelike textures.
  14. A close-up of a photorealistic portrait capturing every wrinkle, freckle, and strand of hair with precision.
  15. A photorealistic rendering of a mouth-watering meal, where you can almost taste the flavors.
  16. A hyper-realistic depiction of a wildlife scene, where the fur, feathers, and scales look incredibly lifelike.
  17. A photorealistic architectural visualization, showcasing a building with realistic lighting and materials.
  18. A photorealistic rendering of a luxury car, highlighting every shiny surface and reflective detail.
  19. A photorealistic digital artwork of a cityscape at night, with accurate lighting and atmospheric effects.
  20. A photorealistic underwater scene, with translucent water, vibrant corals, and realistic marine life.

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